When Jennifer Kauffman decided to start a women’s networking group in the fall of 2016, she knew exactly what she wanted to create, but she never could have imagined just how successful her crazy idea would be. Leaving the corporate world a few years earlier to build an independent financial planning and advisory business, she wanted a way to build a solid reputation for herself in the community and to help people who need her financial expertise. She wanted the “Women of West LKN” (WOW) to be a welcoming group, open to all local women who want to connect and build relationships with other women in the area. Her vision was to build a group of women who could support and empower women business owners as well as moms and retirees.  She wanted to provide education and value through speakers and local events and also help the community by supporting local businesses.  As a local, small businesswoman, this was a piece of the journey that she needed for herself, so she knew others did too!

Since 2016, WOW has grown to over 600 members with our lunch meetings selling out quickly every month. With the increased popularity and momentum, there was a definite need to expand and grow–not just locally, but online. We’re thrilled to introduce WOWwomen.biz! At WOWwomen.biz we are building a local community of real, down-to-earth women who want to succeed in business and in life and who want to help other women do the same.  We truly value relationships and believe they are the necessary foundation for professional and personal growth.

We are excited to launch Wowwomen.biz in 2020, and we plan to grow with you.   We want to know what you are looking for in connections and support, and we will try our best to provide that.  Our mission is to build a trusting, friendly, authentic environment that you can turn to for encouragement and support.  We hope you will join us on the journey!