Be Open to Unexpected OpportunityLike so many small business owners, I’ve been out of my normal groove since March. When the corona-quarantine began, I lost over half of my content
writing and social media business–and, while I was disappointed, I totally understood why. My clients were losing all or part of their livelihoods, too. The marketing budget was the first to go.

I was enjoying a surge in momentum just before the economy shut down; I attribute much of that to showing up to networking functions (especially events!) and participating in local Chamber of Commerce events. Those events are either no longer happening or are happening virtually with a massive reduction in participation. So, like many Americans, I’m hanging in there, doing what I can do, and hoping work picks back up.

Then the coolest thing happened unexpectedly yesterday. I sent an email to someone asking for a quote for a client post. I avoided making a phone call for the quote because I don’t know the person and reasoned that electronic communication would be simple and quick. After I sent the email with the request, I left my desk and went to the kitchen in search of a snack. My phone rang with an unrecognizable number, and I uncharacteristically answered the call. It was the person I had emailed. It took a few moments for me to put together who I was speaking to, and I had to scramble for a pen and something to write on. Annoyed, I prepared myself to take down a quote on a Papa John’s coupon.

As soon as I got my quote, I thanked the guy and was trying to wrap up the call when he said, “If you have another minute, I’d love to know exactly what you do.” Caught off guard, I pulled myself together and responded with my elevator pitch. His response? “Do you mind if I pass your name along? I’ve had a couple of conversations in the past week with people who could use your services.”

Now, I don’t know if that brief interaction will result in new business for me, but it was a timely reminder to me to remain open to unexpected opportunity. Seemingly random conversations can have positive, impactful results. And now is the perfect time to get in the habit of keeping our eyes and ears and hearts open; busy, complicated, harried life has moved to the slow lane. Making time for a simple conversation can open doors, create new friendships, make business connections, and change the course of a day or a life. I don’t want to be too impatient, too encumbered, too I’m-not-sitting-at-my-desk-with-all-my-stuff-right-now-so-I’m-going-to-mostly-blow-this-off; I want to be available to opportunity–don’t you?