The other day my husband and I had an interesting discussion regarding the current demand for essential oils. As avid Young Living Essential Oils users and as one of our sources of income, the future of essential oils is something that we are constantly watching and evolving with. In the past 5 years essential oils have been more and more prevalent in grocery stores, online retailers, and different large businesses. But is this something that is going to fizzle out?

Our discussion led us down many paths, but one that I think ties into the subject well was organic foods. To me, it seems like there is a growing demand for better products – food, makeup, etc. My son is almost 7 months old and I am trying my best to purchase local, fresh, and organic fruits and veggies… and when I think about it, so are the rest of my friends! I love purchasing and supporting local farmers’ crops. I think the demand for this type of produce is only going to grow… that we’re seeing a shift in what type of product people want, and also health goals individuals have! Fueling your body with fresh fruits and vegetables has been shown to reduce the risk of many chronic diseases. 

How is this related to essential oils? Well, between essential oils and good quality food, I feel very in control of my own health and wellness. Essential oils are the way my family supports our bodies and I feel confident about the products we are using from Young Living. Their Seed to Seal commitment is focused on Sourcing, Science, and Standards. This process protects our planet and ensures we get the highest quality product! In addition, Young Living has been taking more steps to make its shipping and packaging practices more sustainable too. I can’t say that about many other companies I purchase products from. I wish! It is something that has attracted me to new brands though! 

Essential oils are not created equal and many are filled with fillers. It is very important when using essential oils as a health and wellness product to buy reputable products. Remember that Seed to Seal commitment I mentioned? I can go visit the farm and distillery where all my Young Living oils come from. I can experience first hand the Standards YL holds their crops to. Not all of the farms are owned by YL, but even the ones that aren’t are held to this standard! These farms are worldwide! I love the transparency and integrity this company brings – which is why I utilize only their oils in my arsenal. It also doesn’t hurt they’ve been around for more than 25 years…. 

Between essential oils and my local organics, I believe I’ll be purchasing these products for the rest of my life (in addition to growing my own produce!). I think my age demographic is going to be demanding more of these products, and researching who and where their products are coming from! I know I do! And in doing so, our children are going to grow up with this same mindset. Expecting better, more fresh, and more sustainable products! So… no. I don’t think it’s a fad. I think this is a lifestyle that more and more people are switching to. All of my cleaners, soaps, lotions, etc. are from Young Living. It is so easy to ditch and switch to plant-based products (and save $$$ while doing it)… and my produce is clean and local. I’ve seen a difference in my family’s overall well-being since making this oily switch, and I’m excited to continue to support our local farmers and eat more produce all year long.