I am going to be honest….I am having a hard time getting motivated to do some things around the house now that I can’t go out except for essentials. The COVID-19 has brought us to realize what being FREE really means. So, as a Professional Organizer for many years, I am going to practice what I taught my clients.

Prioritize – What needs to be organized? Office paper piles, your computer desktop/files, closets, bedroom dresser drawers, kitchen pantry, recipes, kid’s rooms, toys, photos, craft items, seasonal decorations, mementos stored in boxes, garage, and so much more.

Organize – Make a list starting with your first priority and rank others below. Place the list somewhere visible and, if possible, write down what day you plan to take action on your calendar. We will be home for a while, so everything doesn’t have to be done in a week.

Execute – Get moving. Play music. Involve your kids and make it fun.

Reward Yourself – Just pure satisfaction is just fine, but maybe you want to order something on Amazon.

Now, how do you accomplish each task?

What needs to be done? Here is an example for an office:

The top of your desk is full of paper piles – Help!

First, take everything off your desk.

Use this acronym to sort through everything that was on your desk: F.A.T.

Pick up an item

F– Does the item need to be filed, or donated?

A – Act now! Put paper in correct file, extra office supplies in a donation box, etc.

T –  Don’t need it – Toss/Trash it!

The F.A.T. process can be used with all the items on your list.

Are you a little motivated now? The list in my head is going on paper now!

Comment on how you will be using your time at home.

Good Luck!!