Why did you start your business, or choose the position you are currently in?

I wanted to make a difference in the lives of America’s most vulnerable children, those living in foster care. Because my husband and my childhood best friend are products of the foster care system, I understand the day-to-day difficulties that foster care kids face. My hope is to empower each child for a better chance at a successful and productive life.

You just won 10MM in the lottery. What would you do?

I would pay off bills and invest for retirement. Then I would make sure all of my family members are taken care of financially. I would love to build a new house in the country. However, the majority of the money would be used to open a children’s home.

What is the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from your resume?

I’m blessed to be called “Nana” by nine grandchildren and two more on the way!! I’ve always wanted a big family and that wish has come true. Each and everyone is very special to me and I love spending time with them.

Your Journey: How did you get to where you are?

By trusting that God is in control and knowing He has a plan for my life. Having a supportive family that I can always count on and reminding myself daily that quitting is NEVER an option.

How would your best friend describe you?

I’ve been married to my best friend for 26 years. He STILL refers to me as his “Beautiful Bride.” He tells me I’m compassionate, loving, and caring. AWE! He really knows how to make a girl feel good. 


Because foster kids need all the help they can get, the opportunities with our foundation are endless. We welcome anyone who is passionate about the well being of children and would like to volunteer by hosting an event or fundraiser, tutor or read to a child, teach a life skill, plan a child’s birthday party, provide a sponsorship through your business, make a cash donation, help spread the word about our cause, or just be a friend. These are just a few of the many ways you can help.

What inspires you?

My grandmother, who taught me how to cook and appreciate the small things in life. My mother-in-law, Beverly, who is classy, smart, strong, and who I aspire to be like every day. My husband, children, and friends. Being out in nature and long walks on the beach.

What makes you laugh?

Most of the time I laugh at myself. Getting old can be pretty funny at times. When other people start laughing, I have a hard time containing myself. My family and friends can always make me laugh. I have two chihuahua puppies, Macy and Bear, who are hilarious, and my kids play pranks on me, my son is the worst. LOL

If you were stranded on a desert island and could take three items, what would they be?

My husband, because where one of us goes, so does the other one. A boat, because I’m not the kind of gal who sits around waiting to be saved. Finally, my Bible, which I never go anywhere without.

What’s your definition of success?

Success is when you give more to others than you receive. Wealth and status are only external. To me, success is better measured by the health of our relationships and by what you do for others. Giving is the secret to happiness. 

Why is it important to you to be part of WOW?

I love this group! I’ve met so many wonderful women and built some awesome friendships. The support and knowledge I’ve gained from this group is immeasurable. WOW is empowering women and strengthening our community.

What do you want your legacy to be?

I would like to be remembered simply as a person who lived life to its fullest and loved my family and friends wholeheartedly.