How do we measure a productive day?  What makes us feel successful when we lie down at night?  How many times have you really closed your eyes and thought… “Wow!  I really got so much accomplished today and can now rest peacefully.” As a mompreneur, my days take so many twists and turns and I find it so difficult to have a plan or structure to my day. The same structure that I despised in the corporate world is the exact structure that I am working so hard to achieve.  I want everything….. a successful planning practice, a thriving women’s group, an amazing relationship with my husband and boys and oh, don’t forget time for myself. I’m constantly feeling guilty about what I didn’t choose to do and then second-guessing all of my decisions that I did make. I truly believe it’s a practice and we must continually strive to make ourselves better and be in the present moment.  The more we can enjoy the decision we DID make and be truly aware and present, the happier we will be. Sometimes life looks so clear in front of us and we have direction and purpose and others life just smacks us in the face. . . .Tomorrow is another day!