I have been accused of being stubborn a time or two. LOL! Well, actually, if you lived with me you would probably consider it one of my personality traits.

Stubbornness was a thing I used to be proud of because I associated it with drive, passion, and accomplishment. However, life has taught me a few lessons along the way, and I have since changed my mind about stubbornness.

George Bernard Shaw says something very important on the subject. He says, “Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

Now, when I feel myself being stubborn I consider this quote and my goals in life. Stubbornness and this kind of thinking is preventative and limited in my mind.

It gets in the way of:

  • A new life
  • New learning
  • New relationships
  • A new way of thinking

All these things are the ideals and the makings of a creative person. A person who has innovative ideas. A person who is an ultimate change maker.

Doesn’t that sound like an entrepreneur to you?

Well, I think so…

It sounds just like the old greats and the new ones.

Many of them were teachers (like me in my former life), and one thing that teachers love is assessment and numbers. Why? Because they are a good indicator of what you know and where you need to go.

So if you feel yourself feeling stubborn or resistant it might be time for assessment. You could start by asking yourself some thought-provoking questions to get down to the bottom line.

You might ask yourself:

  • What is challenging your thinking?
  • What specifically are you resistant to?
  • Is your resistance based on fear?
  • If so what is the worse that can happen?
  • Can you plan for the worse can scenarios?

Maybe the biggest and most important question that you can ask yourself in these situations is:

What will I lose if I don’t proceed and I let my stubborn thinking win?