Facebook posts will not be visible if no one engages with them.
This is news to many people, so if you didn’t know this, don’t worry; you’re not alone. What do I mean by “engage with” the post? Engagement is when someone interacts with a post by liking it, commenting on it, tagging friends in the comments so those friends will see it, and sharing it.

How do you decide whether to engage with a post or not? There are so many reasons to engage with a post, including these: 

  • The poster is a friend of yours, and you want to support the content of the post
  • The poster has a business and is trying to promote it, and you want to support the poster and/or the business
  • The post is funny or sad or informative or contains something you believe is important
  • Someone is asking a question to gather information, and you want to help

There is a common misconception that if you post something, it will be seen by all of your Facebook friends on their newsfeeds (or all of your audience in a group or on a business page). This is not true. If you never engage with, say, your friend Bob’s posts, Facebook will stop showing them to you. Why? Facebook’s algorithm concludes that you are not interested in seeing Bob’s posts because you’ve never engaged with his posts. Facebook will show a post to between 6-8% (this number changes often) of your audience if it does not have any engagement. (Crazy, right?)

However, once a post begins to receive engagement, Facebook pushes it out to more and more people. So, engage with posts to help them be visible to more people: like the post (or choose one of the other fun emojis), then comment on the post with a substantial comment that will entice others to continue the “conversation.” Facebook will push a post with “conversation” to lots of people because the algorithm believes that post is creating a community, the stated goal of Facebook.

If you want to share a post, the best way to share it is to copy and paste the content and GIVE CREDIT TO THE AUTHOR by tagging that person in your post. Always give credit. This is not only kind and considerate, it is also generally accepted social media etiquette.

Engage, people! Show your friends you care about them and their families and that you support their causes and businesses. Since we’re all stuck inside, this is one more way to create community!